Why Happy Hour?

We are funmakers.

And we believe in living the good life. When one respects the fun and playful side of life, that individual is happier. Happy people who love going to work are more productive and more creative. They go home happier and have happier families. They treat their colleagues, customers, clients and friends better. And collectively all these people come together to make a happier, healthier and more fun planet to live on.

In the wake of the digital age, we embrace the notion of real relationships being made face to face over a few ice–cold beverages. We believe in sustaining traditional social interaction, sparking new conversations and bringing people together in real time.

So how are we bringing fun to the world? It just so happens we love timepieces and everything about them. Making them is our passion. And what better way to signal the transition between work and play than the hands striking 5 o’clock? In addition, the buckle on every Happy Hour timepiece doubles as a bottle opener. We’ll let you decide where to take the conversation once you pop the top.

Pop the Top

Warning: May cause serious injury if a beer bottle breaks during removal of the cap. Use caution when opening all bottles, especially imported beers and non-twist off caps. Happy Hour has not tested all brands of beer bottles. Do not use excessive force to remove the cap. Customer assumes the risk of bodily harm or injury.