The Lightweight

Sometimes a little goes a long way. And that’s exactly what inspired this clean and classic timepiece. But don’t be fooled by its well-manicured appearance — The Lightweight can pack quite the punch when you need it. Best of all, you’ll never have to babysit. So get out there, cut loose, and know we’ve got your back.

The Ish

When the work day ends and play begins, keeping track of time can get a little… well… fuzzy. We can relate. So we’ve designed the perfect wingman for your happy hour revelry. Introducing “approximate” time telling at its finest: crystal clear when matters most, and a little less focused the rest of the time.

The Bottoms Up

There are many directions one can go in life. And the same can be said for beer. But no matter your flavor, the direction at 5 o’clock is certain – Bottoms Up. Robust for big nights out, yet relaxed for everyday flow, this crony is here to remind you life is short and drinking time is of the essence.